Dear Pomegranate Lovers: here's how to de-seed them

Love pomegranates?
Me too. And it's time to rejoice, because it's pomegranate season.  

September- December is prime time for Pomegranates in the Northern Hemisphere, which means they are abundant, cheap, and (most importantly) at their peak ripeness. If their delicious taste wasn't enough, they are also packed full of fiber, vitamins A & C, and loaded with antioxidants and phytonutrients to help build immunity.  

At first glance they look mild and meek, but once you crack one open, they can be awfully intimidating.  Follow the guide below to enjoy the fruit of your labor with minimal time and mess involved.



Step 1) Cut the Pom into quarters.
Step 2) Fill a large bowl with cold water, and begin to "break" apart the Pom while submerged.
Step 3) Separate the skin and rind from the seeds (the seeds  sink and the rest will float).
Step 4) Drain water and ENJOY.   
Step 5) Make a delicious pomegranate cocktail, salad, or smoothie. (OPTIONAL)


As always, thanks for reading!