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I absolutely love public speaking, and have given nearly 100 presentations around the globe.  Interested in having me speak? Feel free to reach out. 

Highlighted Past Presentations:

Barilla + Food Tank Webinar
     The Sustainable Nutrition Connection  – 01/18
Today's Dietitian Symposium
     Healthy Food for a Healthy Planet  – 05/17
Academy of Nutrition Foundation, National Webinar
Future of Food Webinar – 01/17
Kansas State Community Health Promotion Summit, Kansas City
     Wasted Food Policy Workshop – 01/17
Washington State Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Yakima, WA
     Saving Green by Reducing Waste 04/17
Washington D.C.  Dietetic Association State Meeting, D.C.
     Future of Food - 04/17
Oregon State Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Portland
     Food Preservation - 05/17
Ohio Academy of Nutrition State Conference, Cleveland OH
     Future of Food - 05/17
Today’s Dietitian Symposium, New Orleans
     Reducing our Environmental Food-print - 05/16
Food and Nutrition Conference & Expo - FNCE 2016
     Living in Wasteland: Advocacy and Strategies for Reducing Wasted Food 10/16
Today's Dietitian National Webinar
     The Future of Food - 6/16
Aspen Ideas Festival Award Finalist - Aspen, CO
     wasteLESS Food Recovery App - 6/16
Texas State Dietetic Association - Dallas
     Tossed Treasures - Reducing Wasted Food - 4/16
New Mexico State Dietetic Association - Santa Fe
     Reducing our Environmental Food-Print - 4/16
Kansas State Dietetic Association - Topeka
     Weighing in on Wasted Food - 4/16
Washington/Oregon State Dietetic Association - Portland
     Reducing our Environmental Food-Print - 4/16
Nevada State Dietetic Association - Las Vegas
     Reducing our Environmental Food-Print - 4/16
Illinois State Dietetic Association - Chicago
     Reducing our Environmental Food-Print - 4/16
Indiana's State Dietetic Association - Indianapolis
     The Current Climate of Genetically Modified Organisms - 4/15
Agriculture & Nutrition Consensus Conference, Chicago
     Created, planned, and implemented consensus conference - 12/14
Annual Food and Nutrition Conference  (FNCE), Atlanta
     How Soil Health Impacts the Nutrients in Food - 10/14
Greater Cleveland Food Bank Annual Nutrition Conference
     Salt, Sugar, and Fat – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - 9/14
Akron Dietetic Association Fall Meeting 
     Vegetarianism – From Health to Climate Change - 9/14

Example Topics Include:

The Future of Food
Reducing our Environmental "Food-Print"
Weighing in on Wasted Food
Food Insecurity and Nutrition
The Current Climate of Genetically Modified Foods
Celebrating the Power of Spices
Creating a Heart Healthy Diet
Junk Food Marketing
Vegetarian / Vegan Nutrition
The Politics of Food


Pitching for a $25,000 grant - wasteLESS food recovery App

Pitching for a $25,000 grant - wasteLESS food recovery App

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