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My name is Chris Vogliano MS, RD, and I'm a dietitian who has a passion for promoting sustainable foods.  I believe that our food system should be healthy for both people and the planet. 🌎  From factory farms to food waste, our current system is extremely resource intensive, and leaving many of us sick.   Luckily we can choose foods that have a lower carbon foot-print, and promote healthy lifestyles for animals, farm workers, and consumers - like you and me.

I love to write, research, public speak, teach, and shoot landscape / food photography. In fact, unless otherwise noted, all of the photography on the site is my own. 

Be sure to check out my blog/recipes, projects, publications, and photography.  If you'd like to work with me, shoot me a message

Thanks for stopping by! 
- Chris Vogliano MS, RDN