3 totally free at-home workout videos

Going to the gym can be expensive, out of the way, or straight up intimidating.  However there is no excuse for not working out in the comfort of your own home.  Especially since it's TOTALLY FREE!

These three instructors are my absolute favorite because they have personalities that keep you coming back for more.  

I encourage you to find yourself an accounta-bili-buddy to keep your motivation levels high.  Plus working out with a friend is more fun anyways :).  

My flatmates and I wake up and practice a quick yoga session every morning. It's short, sweet, and a fantastic way to start the day.

Below are my top 3 free workout videos. 

#1 Cassey Ho - Blogilates 

pilates, workout

Okay so you may thank me for this recommendation or end up cursing my name (or both). Cassey Ho is an incredibly optimistic and encouraging pilates instructor that will kick your ass.  With hundreds of free videos to choose from, you can't go wrong.  You can filter her videos by length, intensity, and target area.  Good luck, you'll need it!

Check it out here!

#2 Yoga with Adriene

yoga workout

Adriene is quirky, cute, and fun.  Her yoga classes are not overly intense, but simple and pleasurable.  Her practice is great for a morning or evening workout.  She even has free 30 day workout challenges.  I love her videos because more of them are under 30 minutes. 

Oh - and she has the CUTEST pup ever named Benjie who often makes a cameo.

Check out Yoga with Adriene here!

#3 - 8 Minute Abs/Buns/Arms

8 minute workout

These. videos. are. classics.  Unintentionally hilarious, in only 8 minutes flat these videos will kick your buns/abs/arms. 

EVERYONE has 8 minutes they can devote to a quick workout.  No excuses here.  


Have a favorite video or series? Comment below and I'll add it to the list!

Happy exercising and remember - good health BEGINS in the kitchen. Diet is most important when trying to improve our health.