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Reducing our
Environmental 'Food-Print' 


Climate change and sustainability are two topics that are trending – and for good reason.  Our global population is expected to grow by another 2 billion by 2050, and concerns of how to feed the world continue to rise. What we choose to eat and how much food we waste both have dramatic impacts on our environment. This lecture will discuss the implications that foods have on the environment, and which foods are more "planet-friendly".  

State of America's Food Waste
Academic White Paper

America is wasting nearly 40% of all the food it grows, and this is having major social, economic, and environmental impacts.  I wrote this white paper with Dr. Katie Brown to not only highlight the major issues, but also to provide actionable solutions to reduce our overall waste. 

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Waste Not Want Not: 
Featured Article

Kent State University interviewed me for a featured article on wasted food in their quarterly alumni magazine.  Click the link above to read the article in its entirety. 

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The Greater Cleveland Food Bank Infographic for low-income clients

This simple yet informative infographic has helped many understand the positive impacts making small adjustments to your daily habits can have on your health.  This was designed primarily for an inner-city low-income demographic, where fast food was one of the most readily available options. Find out more about The Greater Cleveland Food Bank (click here), or about the national network of food banks, Feeding America (here).  

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The Skinny on Fats:
How Dietary Fats Influence Cardiovascular Disease Risk

While there is no doubt that poor diets contribute to cardiovascular disease, precisely what constitutes a poor diet in terms of cardiovascular risk is still a matter of debate. Dietary fat has long been at the center of this controversy. This paper explores the latest research regarding types and amounts of dietary fats in our diets, and how they influence our cardiovascular health.