LiveWell - sustainability guide (WWF)

This comprehensive resource outlines an evidence-based vision of a sustainable food system. Developed in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund, this guide is designed to educate registered dietitian nutritionists, policy makers, and public health professionals alike - though anyone with an interest will find value.   Check out the official description below -- 

dietitian, sustainable diet, world wildlife fund

LiveWell for LIFE

is a ground-breaking project that not only set out to show how low carbon diets can help achieve a reduction of at least 25% in greenhouse gas emissions from the EU food supply chain but also showed how these can be healthy, nutritious and affordable.

The project also aimed to influence policies and practices to ease the adoption of low-carbon diets in the EU – and in particular in our pilot countries: France, Spain and Sweden – and ultimately, to put the issue of sustainable diets on the EU policy agenda.