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The Sustainable Plate – Free Infographic

Eating foods that are healthy for us and for the environment is essential if we want to feed the future sustainably. This free 'Sustainable Plate' infographic is a simple way to visualize the global warming potential (GWP) of foods we regularly eat. Feel free to pass this resource along to a friend, client, or even print a copy off for your fridge! Loading... FREE Download

Watch for these top 4 food trends in 2019

2019 is a big year for sustainable foods, and these trends could not be more fitting. Our food system is caught in the middle of numerous environmental catastrophes. Plastic pollution is suffocating the oceans, rain forests are being destroyed to grow more food, and people are less healthy than ever. See it to believe it.Check out Brazil's deforestation first hand! (zoom out for scale) Our food system is in need of an extreme makeover. Top 4 food trends to watch for in 2019 1) Plant Based Meals…

Ultra-processed foods

There are processed foods and then there are ultra-processed foods. While this may sound like an arbitrary difference, it's quite important. The processing of foods is not innately negative. In fact, many processed foods are packed full of nutrients. Think crushed tomatoes in a can, frozen broccoli, or dried lentils. All of these foods are processed and still healthy. Ultra-processed foods are different. These foods have been processed so heavily that they are generally void of valuable nutrients. They typically…

Nourishing the community through collaboration and healthy kai (food)

Canadian-raised Dani Prapavessis and American-raised Chris Vogliano have been celebrating the holiday of Thanksgiving since childhood. New Zealanders however don't typically celebrate this holiday. Dani and Chris decided to bring the tradition to Wellington, New Zealand.  Leaving behind the negative associations (#colonialism) and focusing on the positives (giving thanks), two Wellington community nonprofits (The Free Store and The Wellington Fruit and Vege Coop) teamed up to prepare a healthy and entirely free community dinner for all.  Most of the over…

The good, the bad, and the future of GMOs.

The good, the bad, and the future of GMOs.  This article critically examines the current evidence of GMO technology and suggests a path forward for the technology.  Our food system is the literal lifeline of the human race, and we should keep it open and transparent for all.  

Worried about climate change? Act now with your fork!

Climate change can often seem like an unsurmountable task to stand up against.  It does't have to be.  Many of foods we eat have a massive impact on our environment, while others have a much smaller impact.  Find your favorite sustainable foods and get started today!

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