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Nourishing the community through collaboration and healthy kai (food)

Canadian-raised Dani Prapavessis and American-raised Chris Vogliano have been celebrating the holiday of Thanksgiving since childhood. New Zealanders however don't typically celebrate this holiday. Dani and Chris decided to bring the tradition to Wellington, New Zealand.  Leaving behind the negative associations (#colonialism) and focusing on the positives (giving thanks), two Wellington community nonprofits (The Free Store and The Wellington Fruit and Vege Coop) teamed up to prepare a healthy and entirely free community dinner for all.  Most of the over…

The good, the bad, and the future of GMOs.

The good, the bad, and the future of GMOs.  This article critically examines the current evidence of GMO technology and suggests a path forward for the technology.  Our food system is the literal lifeline of the human race, and we should keep it open and transparent for all.  

Worried about climate change? Act now with your fork!

Climate change can often seem like an unsurmountable task to stand up against.  It does't have to be.  Many of foods we eat have a massive impact on our environment, while others have a much smaller impact.  Find your favorite sustainable foods and get started today!

8 practical ways to reduce your food waste

Weighing in on Wasted Food Americans live in an era of a reasonably affordable, abundant, and safe food supply.  However because of this, nearly 40% of all food we produce in the United States never makes it into our stomachs. [i],[ii] Growing this much food that has the ultimate fate of the landfill is a significant source of economic and environmental issues.   Fast Facts The value of this wasted food in America alone is estimated to be $161 billion annually.[iii]…

Food travels: Thailand + Vietnam

Hey fellow food warriors - as some of you may know, I was able to embark on an adventure of a lifetime across Thailand and Vietnam a few weeks ago.  It was by far one of the best vacation's I've ever had, and the abundant amount of high-quality, authentic food had a lot to do with it.  Check out some photos below for a quick peek into the various types of cuisine enjoyed by SE Asia. *note most photos are…

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