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Nourishing the community through collaboration and healthy kai (food)

Canadian-raised Dani Prapavessis and American-raised Chris Vogliano have been celebrating the holiday of Thanksgiving since childhood. New Zealanders however don't typically celebrate this holiday. Dani and Chris decided to bring the tradition to Wellington, New Zealand.  Leaving behind the negative associations (#colonialism) and focusing on the positives (giving thanks), two Wellington community nonprofits (The Free Store and The Wellington Fruit and Vege Coop) teamed up to prepare a healthy and entirely free community dinner for all.  Most of the over…

Top 10 ways to eat more sustainably – free handout

Our diets are huge consumers of resources.  Growing crops requires an a serious amount of water, fertilizers, chemical inputs, petroleum, and land.  Check out my top 10 ways to make your diet eco-friendly below. Feel free to print (double sided) and pass along to clients, colleagues, or friends. Thanks in to Unilever for sponsoring this handout, and distributing at FNCE (the annual food and nutrition conference).

Love food hate waste – free resources

Love Food Hate Waste is an non-profit that has single handedly reduced a massive portion of the UK's total food waste using mass consumer and retail education.  It worked well there, and now it's expanding.  Check out their incredible app (for apple and android), as well as their country specific website for your country (they even have a presence in New Zealand!)        

How I kicked my soda habit with fruit infused water

It all started shortly after the holidays when I received an infusion pitcher as a gift.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this new take on water, but I soon began making pitchers of fruit/vegetable infused water that were delicious!  I quickly decided that this was my new “go-to” drink.  If you're like me, you’re always looking for something you can drink at home or at the gym, that isn’t just “plain old water”.  Infused water is easy…

Chunky guacamole with blue cheese

So the combo might sound a bit weird, but trust me - it's delicious.  It's a mix of savory, creamy, tangy deliciousness that pairs perfectly with the crunch of a tortilla chip. It's my go-to dish that's simple and sure to impress. This recipe was originally created by my mother, and modified a bit by yours truly.  Let me what you think! PRO TIP! You can half the amount of avocados and substitute them with frozen peas (thawed).  More fiber,…

Rescued green slaw with a citrus vinaigrette

We've all been there.  We open up the door to our fridge and see that near empty pack of greens in the crisper drawer, waiting to be tossed (cue sad cabbage photo, right).  We think "not today.. maybe I'll use it tomorrow".   Many times... tomorrow never comes.   Consumers (that's us!) are the BIGGEST contributors of food waste in America, throwing away 25% of all purchased food. This adds up.  In fact, it's nearly $160 dollars a month for a family of…

The good, the bad, and the future of GMOs.

The good, the bad, and the future of GMOs.  This article critically examines the current evidence of GMO technology and suggests a path forward for the technology.  Our food system is the literal lifeline of the human race, and we should keep it open and transparent for all.  

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